Posters For Sale

Alexander & Associates has put together an exciting offer for our newsletter readers. We will be offering select prints of some of our top artists at a very special price.The first artist we will be featuring is Ron Croci. Ron is an accomplished multi-media artist with over 30 years of commercial and fine art experience. Ron has selected the following pieces which are limited edition, signed and numbered prints (numbered 1 – 25) and printed on heavy weight stock. These notable and iconic pieces are available to you for a limited time, at $50.00 a piece plus shipping. Take a look at what Ron has put together put together, we know you’ll be pleased. For more information on Ron see his web page here. To order a print, email Alex Alexander at

Back Side Pink (16 x 20)

Steep Drop (16 x 20)

Happy Hour (16 x 20)

Last Wave In (24 x 36)

Mirror Falls (24 x 36)

Fishing With Hand Line (16 x 20 )

Shadow Tube (24 x 36)

Check out some of these beautiful prints from Steve Sundram:
















These prints by Steve Sundram are giclees on fine art paper available in two different sizes, 11″ x 14″ for $55.00 plus shipping and 16″ x 20″ for $75.00 plus shipping. To order a print, email Alex Alexander at