Project Specific

When it comes to incorporating artwork into your project, Alexander & Associates is a solutions provider. There are many facets to an interior design or an architectural project and each different area requires expertise in that field. Having the right art in the right place can transform a good project into an extraordinary project. At Alexander & Associates, our expertise is to develop artwork specifically for the individual nuances and visual goals that you are striving to achieve. We become part of your design team and act as a liaison between you, the architect, interior designer, GM or GC, and the select artist, to create unique, individual artwork that compliments your vision and achieves your goals. Our clients are highly satisfied because Alexander & Associates brings together experienced, world class artists, creative solutions and detail oriented project management. Review our client list, projects and testimonials to see why Alexander & Associates is one of the foremost corporate art consulting firms in the business today. Our project specific solutions are just a click away.