Andrew McHowell


PHOTOGRAPHER~ Andrew McHowell is a self-taught landscape photographer. Having learned basic photography for books and heaps of trial and error, Andrew’ skills with a camera has evolved by studying the old techniques of Ansel Adams and Eliot POTER. Along with his meticulous study of the past masters, it wa Andrew’s decision to return to the magic and texture of photographing with film that has separated his work from other landscape photographer. Andrew developed his passion for landscape photography through his diverse travels around the World. With a key appreciation for the beauty of different landscapes, Andrew strives to artfully document each locale in an inspiring way that will resonate with locals and visitors alike. Andrew uses only th finest German optics, insuring the highest possible image quality. Working with Velvia film du to its high saturation, contrast and sharpness, Andrew shoots medium and large format. The 6 X 17 format is his favorite. In 2014 Andrew published his book “New Landscapes” featuring over 70 images of extraordinary locales. “Andrew is a young photographer, This book, like many first books portrays the threshold of this talent and personal vision.
Andrew’s choice of camera equipment speaks greatly to this ethos on photography. Not merely content with the typical tools of the trade, Andrew has sought out the most innovative cameras to capture his world class imagery. For panoramic landscapes, Andrew shoots with the Linhof Technorama 617 Ills. This German camera produces striking images that are captured on Velvia 50 film, giving vast landscapes unique textures. Additionally, Andrew shoots with the Hasselblad H4D-60m a Swedish medium format digital camera that features an incredible 60 M-Pixel sensor. The Hasselblad is a technological masterpiece that offers superior image quality.
Each photographic image from McHowell is printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive Printing Material. Fujiflex gives each print vivid, striking colors and is U.V. protected to last a lifetime. Of course, a brilliant picture need a gorgeous frame. Alexander & Associates also arranges for the perfect frame to give each piece of artwork an exceptional look and feel.        Masteredit_ai63images