Beatricia Sagar

In 1998 I started working on paintings, which are vertical in form and fashioned on the totem icon which looks for an identity, my identity, cultural and spiritual. They have changed and evolved over time but remain consistent in the process that I use, and, in the search for the revealing of the inner meaning of my choice.

Beatricia Sagar grew up and lived most of her life in New York and it provided her with a culture rich in information. “Buildings, billboards, rooftops, people, language, and neighborhoods surrounded me. The paintings reflect this abundance. My task is to order this multi image and to bring harmony and integration to it. The color is influenced by my travels and what I have seen in Chinatown, in shops that show Japanese kimonos and furniture, in Indian saris and prints, statues of Gannesh, Lord Krishna, and temples, in beautiful Thai batiks, and prayer beads.”

The work I do in other size formats, are usually done in a series. Each size suggests a different dynamic, which I explore in a variety of ways. This work, while abstract, looks to reflect the more formal and the lyrical, which is, somehow always looking for integration. Always, I travel through the visual language to a sense of harmony, a resting-place, and a breath.


Solo Exhibitions (partial)

  • 2005 Rhythms of a Walk in the Park, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, N.Y.
  • 2004 Poetry in Motion Cheryl Hazan Gallery, New York,N.Y.
  • 2003 Gardens at the Temple of Hope, Cheryl Hazan Arts, N.Y.
  • 2002 Squares and Totems, Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago, Ill.
  • 2001 Architecture and Atmosphere, Cheryl Hazan Arts, New York
  • 1998 Square to Infinity and Totem Series DFN Gallery N.Y.N.Y
  • 1994 Voyage through the Palms, Radost FX Gallery, Prague, Czech Rep.
  • 1985 Little Red Riding Hood, Limbo Gallery, N.Y.,N.Y.
  • 1984 Little Red Riding Hood, Galerie Silvia Menzel, West Berlin,Germany

Corporate Collections

  • AT&T
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Colonial Bank, Miami Beach, Fl.
  • American Express
  • Marriot Hotel, Orlando, Fl.
  • U. S. State Dept.
  • Neiman Marcus Corporate Collection
  • Portico West
  • Palm Beach, Tampa, Coral Gables
  • MTV Corporate Collection
  • Las Vegas, Dallas, King of Prusssia
  • Fountainbleu Hotel, Miami Beach,Fl.
  • Harrah’s Diamond Lodge, San Diego, Cal.
  • Anandamali
  • The Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, Fl.


  • Published: A Woman’s Journal, Mothers
  • Brooklyn Museum Art School
  • Art Students League
  • The New School