Steve “Esteban” Davis

Naka'ahikiBorn August 29, 1957 Long Beach, CA.  At a very young age Esteban’s parents noticed that he had a gift and natural ability to draw and paint.  They encouraged him and he received early education in the field of art.  By the time he was in high school Esteban was taking college art classes at night.  He sold his first painting during that time and painted an award winning mural at his own school.

After high school Esteban was given a mural project at a local swim club.  He attended college art classes at El Camino Junior College in Gardena, CA and then The Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, CA.  At age 19 he entered his first juried art show in Avalon on Catalina Island and won best amateur and first place in portraits.

Esteban decided he wanted to paint full time.  He loved the beauty and nature of Hawaii and moved there for inspiration at age 21.  For the next 4 years he painted consistently and was represented by some of the finest galleries around the state of Hawaii in Honolulu, Lahaina, Kona and Kauai.

In 1983 Esteban and his new family moved to Sedona, Arizona and painted southwest landscapes and nudes.  At this point in his life Esteban wanted to learn the art of printmaking and enrolled at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff for lithography, he acquired a press and limestone blocks to create original hand printed lithographs and monotypes, continuing printmaking education at Arizona State University in Tempe.

In 1991 Esteban and his family moved back to Kauai and he continued to paint, learning to work in oils.  A pivotal point in his life was living for 7 years in the mountains of Kauai, near Waimea Canon, where he lead a reclusive, creative and spiritual life.  In 2010 Esteban moved to Eugene, Oregon for a change in inspiration and to be near his daughters and grandchildren.  Esteban continues to Paint and Create Music….

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Steve “Esteban” Davis