Originally born in the Republic of Panama Nisla was raised in the United States “I feel alien wherever I am. I had the military family upbringing that either fosters a love of travel or cures you of it. Lucky for me, it resulted in a curiosity for my surroundings that evolved into a love of art.”

Nisla began my formal studies of art at age 13 at Cerritos Junior College in Southern California. “Chief amongst my teachers at that time was Prof. Manuel DeLeon who took me under his wing and introduced me to anatomy and the wonder and intricacies of life drawing.”

Decades later I moved to O’ahu, Hawaii where I met and studied with Roy Tabora. A true master! (I use this term despite the fact that it gets tossed around too freely for my taste.) I learned glazing techniques as well as how to trust my imagination. I will forever be grateful to him for that.

The following years were spent as a full time artist painting seascapes and raising my three children. Surrounded by wonderful business friends (I can never thank Mahmoud enough) those days were gloriously hectic. The likes of which helped sculpt my belief that tapping into your passion is the most wonderful way of spending life.

During that time dancing entered my life with a vengeance. The first was hula. Then swing, salsa and Argentine Tango. Another craze lifted it’s head in my heart! Trying to capture the beauty of movement is a lofty and elusive endeavor.

Now my life is on the eastern seaboard. In New England my paintings seem to be going back to my “life drawing” origins while encompassing dance. I have met a host of wonderful artists. Their style and wonderful approach challenges me and, I hope, makes me a better painter. My goal is to continue to learn, explore and grow as an artist.

A friend of mine once said that “we didn’t choose to create art . . . it chose us” I find that to be very true. It’s not a “thing” that you decide on . . . it comes from an internal need. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a state of being. That’s why some of us spend our lives trying to grow as artists despite feast or famine, accolades or ridicule. For reasons that are still unknown to me, this is my mission.



Cascades MoonlightCloudsMermural

Island Dream