Rob Lindsay

“We see something, and we think we’ve absorbed it, grasped it, know it. We tuck it away in our minds and don’t consider it again from any kind of new aspect. I found a way into these flowers with a macro lens and hand-held diffusion that became a way of seeing their beauty in a transformative style. A style that, for me, reflects their beauty in a fresh, new light.”

The photographic images shown here are made without any digital manipulation or darkroom “trickery”. They are a result of a long process of shooting and testing approaches to revealing beauty in a new way, divorced from previous conceptions.

Rob Lindsay has been a photographer and commercial filmmaker for many years, living and working in New York and Los Angeles and now Nashville, Tennessee. “I’ve worked with actors and celebrities on sets and locations around the world. Now I work in my studio or backyard and struggle with a different subject.”

Something I have learned in working with flowers is that they do not reveal their secrets easily. Photographing flowers has been challenging, frustrating, and sometimes deeply rewarding.

All my work is scaleable to fit your needs and can be printed for traditional framing or on transparency medium for a backlit presentation that is truly stunning and unique. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my work.


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