Our artists are among the world’s most creative and prolific, producing works that uplift the spirit and inspire a positive visual and emotional response in the viewer.

Diane Alexander
Bill Braden
Cameron Brooks
Chris Campbell
Grace Carlon
Teresa Camozzi
   Carol Collette

Ron Croci
Sean Davey
Russell Davidson
Elizabeth DeVries
Kim Duffet
Randy Groden

Julie Houck
Mads Kragh
Ed Lane
Rob Lindsay
Mark Mackay
Beth Marcil
Ana Monaghan
Grant Myrdal
Andreas Nottebohm
Zen Player
Glenn Poulain
Beatricia Sagar
Michal Shimoni
Krispen Spencer
T.M. Stanton
Jill Stasium
Richard Stodart
Steve Sundram
Hank Taufaasau
Karen Ussery
Judy Wisdom
Ron Wood
Peter Neumann

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Alexander & Associates Art Presentation

All of our contributors are accomplished and collected artists, many with decades of experience and accomplished resumes. All of these men and women have their work featured in museums and other public and private collections, re-produced in best-selling publications and have received international awards.

Our artists work in various media and materials, including: oils, acrylics, watercolors, tempera, fresco, photography, mosaics, paper and resin constructions, ceramics and pottery, ferro cement, wood and fiber, fabrics and coverings, marble and stone, glass, plastics, iron and bronze, environmental and monumental structures, furniture, lighting, computer-generated images, kinetic art and installations, video and film productions and more.

Many of our artists have settled in Hawaii (and other lush regions such as Byron Bay, Australia) attracted to the magnificent light and superlative natural surroundings and are inspired by the creativity they experience in these areas. These elements are reflected in the works they produce — both in subject and in their exceptional quality.